Platinum Hide IP Crack Free Download

Platinum Hide IP Crack

Platinum Hide IP Crack Free Download

Platinum Hide IP Crack is the free version that keeps your IP (Internet Protocol) address hidden; also secure all the protocols on your PC, while browsing the internet it provides full user encryption of your activity while browsing and much more. With simple user interface, all with the single click of a button without any particular configuration. With the best premium program user can easily surf anonymously and also send an anonymous email through proper web based mail system, access to blocked website or forums that also protects you from any websites that want or tries to monitor your reading interests and spy upon you through your unique Internet Protocol address. Nowadays, we read much more news and stories about hackers breaking into big businesses, wreaking general havoc and stealing their identities. It is the only software that enables to secure your desktop, laptop and MAC alike.

Platinum Hide IP Crack with the full setup you can decide the IP location like as United Kingdom, France, United States, etc. by just selecting a country from the Choose IP Country Option. It’s good to know that Platinum Hide IP Full version works with Opera, Maxthon, Firefox, MyIE, and Internet Explorer is compatible with all types of firewalls, home networks, routers, wireless networks and any other kind of internet instead. This application does not have any Spyware, Adware, and Viruses. It provides you complete IP protection, and you can create a fake IP with the help of this program.

Platinum Hide IP Crack Free Download Platinum Hide IP Crack Free Download

Main Key Features of Platinum Hide IP Full Version

Protects Your Identity:

Anonymous web surfing enables the user to prevent identity thieves from stealing your personal information or other identity and keeps your Window PC safe from attacks of hackers or other troubles instead.

Check IP and Choose IP Country:

There is list of Proxy lists of many countries that enabled, and you can decide to select only one country from the Choose IP Country List. Also, check current IP address directly.

Get Unbanned From Blocked Websites and Forums:

Easily change your current IP address and then you can get yourself unbanned from any blocked websites and other forums that have ever banned you.

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