Auto Mouse Mover / Auto Move And Click Software

Auto Mouse Mover / Auto Move Mouse And Click Software

Auto Mouse Mover / Auto Move And Click Software

Auto mouse mover is the most different and modest software which makes your computer system perfect. Auto mouse mover software utility gives you the permission to move the mouse automatically which stops your computer from logging off. This software works on all types of Windows like Windows 10, 8.1, 2000, 7 and other versions. this software is basically used for keeping your screen active after a fixed time without logging off or sleeping your operating system. You have no need to buy the expensive software just buy any hardware device to provide the continuous mouse input to the computer. Here we give the free auto mouse mover.

Auto mouse clicker utility move mouse automatically. Get this software free without any cost given below. Install the auto mouse mover on your personal computer or if you want to download the software without installer then download and run the stand-alone application which will not require admin rights on your computer to run. Using this software you can enter the desired time with which computer screen will active all that your desired time without logging off the computer.

Auto Mouse Mover / Auto Move And Click Software

Features of Auto mouse move Free Download

  • Simple and easy to understand its system.
  • Fast working speed.
  • Moving the mouse cursor automatically during the utility is running.
  • Automatically mouse move cursor initiate mouse clicks simultaneously.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Disable automatic mouse movement by closing the application.
  • Every user can easily understand and use this software.
  • This application makes your mouse movement most fast and amazing.
  • Keep computer screen active all the enter desired time.
  • Prevent computer going into hibernate mode temporarily easily.
  • Share this software with your friends and loved ones.
  • Pixel movement represents moving the auto mouse pixel by pixel by pixel on the screen.
  • After installation, the utility will start mouse cursor left and right according to the number of pixels.

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